7 Thoughts to Help You Become Mentally Strong

These techniques are basically thought patterns and attitudes that you can cultivate over time, to help you cope better during tough days and difficult situations. Emotional strength comes with effort, as with everything good.So, the next time you find yourself feeling low and questioning everything, we hope you can turn to these pointers that might help.

1. Why is this happening to me?

For every hardship, there is a lesson waiting to be learnt. Maybe that learning, in a way, is our progress in life. They say life keeps presenting the same problems to you till you learn to handle them in the ideal way. What’s ideal, you ask? When you don’t have a drastic reaction to something that’s not to your liking, that’s the ideal way to deal. So hasten your learning curve/process, so that those situations stop presenting themselves again and again.

2. Will I ever be able to overcome this?

Yes. There’s no reason why not. They say- If God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it. He’ll either lighten your load or strengthen your back.

3. What’s the point of all these struggles?

In life, you’re never given anything you can’t handle. How well you handle it over time, shapes you as a person- better, stronger, wiser.

4. Who are the ones I can count on? 

Tough times reveal your true friends. They are your own people. Hold onto those few. They don’t come by often. And not everyone has them. So treasure the ones you have and focus your energies on the real ones.

5. How come others always seem so happy and I’m not?

Never, never, never compare. Ever. This works both ways. Don’t try to make yourself feel bad by thinking someone else has it better. Grass is always greener on the other side. (Greener, coz it is fertilised with bull shit, ofcourse! I laughed so hard when I heard that line for the first time!).Similarly, don’t make the other person feel bad for being better off than you in a situation. Don’t pass a snide comment. You don’t know in what other situation that person is worse off than you. And your complex is ruining their chance at happiness with the one thing that’s working out for them.

6. What are they saying about me?

Don’t care what people say. Always remember – Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. What people say about you says less about what kind of person you are, and more about what kind of people they are. You’re wasting your time worrying about it. You may not see it like that when you’re down and out, but you’ll see it in hindsight. Try to keep this in mind when you’re down and it might make you feel better.

7. Will I feel completely sorted and stress-free soon if I follow these techniques?

Maybe. There are no guarantees in life. That’s the exciting part. You won’t know until you try. Don’t assume that the people who come to help you with advise(via self-help books/articles such as these/ counselling sessions/etc) must be totally sorted in their heads and must be having zero  problems. Infact, you would be wrong to assume that. As I write this, I can assure you that I have a lot of sorting to do myself! I’ve gathered these pointers from various people as well as experiences in life. These are coping techniques worth trying. And one doesn’t need to be a master at it for sharing it with others. Sharing such life hacks is good. Who knows, someone might benefit from them in some big way. So share away with those you care about and especially those who you think need it.

Take care of your mental well being. It is equally, if not more, important as your physical well being.

© 2020 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan All Rights Reserved.



All rights reserved.

I wrote this article for First Moms Club. This article was published on October 10, 2019 on their official website – https://firstmomsclub.in.

First Moms Club is India’s leading community of over 1 lakh urban Indian mothers across 60 countries. FMC aims to encourage the women behind the mothers to find emotional, entrepreneurial and social identity.

Link to this article on the First Moms Club website –https://firstmomsclub.in/7-thoughts-to-help-you-become-mentally-strong/

A screen-grab of this article as it appeared on the website http://www.firstmomsclub.in


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