I’m quick to learn lessons,
Coz what’s the point in wasting time.
If we already know our destination,
Why fill our road ahead with blocks and vines?

Life is more than just one thing,
There’s so much left to achieve.
Some day we’ll see how this propelled us,
And we’ll celebrate what we had preconceived.

Foot note:- ‘Propellers’ is a term I use for people and situations that have taught me valuable lessons.
Without these propellers, we would have been stuck. They shake things up and help us be unstuck.
I’m thankful to all of these people, to all of these situations.
Above all, as I walk further away from them, I watch myself still having love for them…. love, for the part of them that was trying so hard to teach me something. I might not face them again, but I know I’ll never forget them. And if we ever cross paths again, I’ll want to meet them as friends.
Can you identify those that have propelled you onto greater things..or even as simply as – onto the next thing?


© 2021 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan All Rights Reserved.


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