Back To Basics

Life isn’t a race,
But they say we have to work,
Although I feel it’s basically,
To come to a place where we’re “finally woke”.

So I disagree with them,
If only in part,
Yes, work must be done,
But it’s to come back to ‘the me’,
How ‘I’ was, right at the start.

I turned inward one day,
And saw my inner child,
It broke my heart to see,
How, to it, I hadn’t been kind,

Now I see it,
There’s no need to go out and find,
What’s never been apart from me,
That’s my inner divine.

That is how the story goes,
Our work is finished when we’re back to the start,
It feels so wonderful,
To live at the centre of one’s beautiful loving heart.


© 2021 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan All Rights Reserved


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  1. Good one. To start from zero takes lot of self belief. I mean to keep aside all things done and come back to zero is toughest journey. We have always been taught to build on our previous peaks. Actually descend is important to achieve a new peak.

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    1. Yeah. Descending, as you put it, can also be viewed as detaching from a previous achievement and coming back to zero every time , to have a fresh start for a new goal. No? Well said.


      1. Yeah. Exactly. Thanks. Starting from zero is like giving yourself the learning license . Otherwise we are burdened by baggage of previous accomplishment. We fear that what if next step i take and slip


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