But What About Me?

Giving a lot to someone,
Comes naturally when you feel love,
But when that care isn’t valued,
Boundaries can start to get blurred.

Giving love doesn’t make you weak,
Vulnerable, sure, you will be,
Let them see you raw and pure,
Coz your spirit is true and free.

Giving yourself love and respect,
Now that’s only in your hands,
Actions, not words,
Will always show, how with someone, you stand.

Giving yourself some credit,
For all that you know in your heart as true,
To continue being a high value woman,
Is the least you can do for you.

Giving someone else the power,
To be the basis of how you feel and react,
Is like having free will,
And giving too much still,
“But, what about….what’s good for ME?”- ignoring that!

Your love language is not just for expressing,
It’s also what you need to get back,
But if you don’t allow space for receiving,
Now, tell me,
Whose fault,
Is that?


© 2021 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Too deep . bouncer 😬. But good one. More on spirituality side i guess


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