Think Away To Glory

It has a sure purpose,
Your every single thought.
You haven’t lost your mind,
Infact, to you it’s desperately trying to talk.

It is your inner instinct,
Pay attention to it, you must.
If you’re honest with yourself,
Your own advise you could trust.

The thoughts- they will be many,
We can slowly through them sift,
Listening to yourself takes patience,
But it will effect your most desired shift.

Don’t fret when thoughts of your errors come to mind,
If we were all perfect it would be swell,
Your instinct is only pointing to you,
The flaws that aren’t serving you well.

Don’t trivialise thoughts of your virtues, all the same,
It took strength to hold onto them, your pain despite,
Your instinct is reminding you,
That your path might be hard but your manner is right.

Our instinct is always guiding us,
We just need to learn how to listen.
We all know deep inside,
If and what needs correction.

We get through life ticking checklists,
We know to keep ourselves busy,
All that noise, dims out the voice,
The very thoughts that can make our life easy.

For peace does not mean lack of thoughts,
It’s the ability to differentiate,
What thoughts need acting upon,
And what need to be left to fate.

And what better guiding force is there,
To get to that peaceful space,
Than the voice coming from the source,
From your very own sense of grace.


© 2022 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Nishabd says:

    Matured stuff. Sort of spiritual poetry. Title that came to mind was “From dilemma to bliss”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou! Nice title suggestion too 🙂


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