That Guileless Lover

How she lives every day,

Since they met,

Looking at her life,

Solely through his lens.

She takes what he has to offer,

With all his intent,

Even when he knows,

It only leads to lament.

Moments become days, and days become weeks,

The poignant songs never seem to end,

The melodies so hauntingly beautiful,

So she keeps going, at her own great expense.

She is here,

On the other side of the door,

She tells him a lot,

Of things she fears, things she adores.

She wants to walk,

He wants to swim,

She knows he’s there,

Maybe listening.

The view is rosy,

With hands holding,

The reality of it,

Is all rather grim.

She wishes he had the answers,

To anything at all,

How her eyes looked with awe,

At his stature so tall.

Now she waits to believe his eminence,

The pedestal she put him on,

How easily he walked all over her,

After she gave him her all.

She always puts him first,

Oh, how it hurts her self-confidence,

It’s her only flaw, the Guileless lover that she is,

That she still allows herself to come second.


© 2022 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan. All Rights Reserved.


Cover image source:
Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Head of a Woman’


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