I Have Held You Tight

You’re the most sought after thing,

Everyone’s out to get even the faintest whiff of you.

The baddest of bad,

The goodest of good- which, let’s be honest, are only a few.

I have reveled in your company many times before,

I know it from my very being, I deserve you for sure,

But being oblivious of your existence, not chasing you,

Ironically, were the times you stayed with me the most.

As I moved from teens to adulthood,

I got a little less carefree, I craved more for your time,

Life started showing it’s colours to me,

So I started to hold on to you tight.

I held so hard,

I forgot to enjoy your presence,

The thing that worried me the most,

Was if you left, what would be my life’s essence.

You have shown me I need to experience the lows,

To feel the joy in your highs,

I need to be alone now and then,

To feel the warmth when I finally see you in your many a guise.

I have held you tight,

I must let go of the idea of thee,

For you aren’t an idea that eludes me,

You are life’s omnipresent reality.

Life isn’t only when you are with me,

It is also everything in the in-between,

Focusing on you has only led me to fantasize,

I’ve missed the point of it all, I now realise.

Today as I sit and think,

Half my life gone by,

Oh, Happiness,

I have held on to you a little too tight.

Loving you means,

Knowing you’re always there,

A looser grip, having more faith in your nature,

Wouldn’t make you run anywhere.


© 2022 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan. All Rights Reserved.


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