Quote Unquote

Think about it,
Are you listening to what “they say”?

“Live like it’s your last day”,
Notice if that sentence makes your mood intense or makes you feel there’s time to play.

Oh there’s one more we often borrow-
“Love like no tomorrow”,
Does following that advise also bring for you the love YOU need or are you satisfied living in your own beautiful sorrow?

Ever been through something you had to conquer? Coz there is one that goes-
“If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”,
But after it’s done, do you feel more alive or do you worry that the memory of that pain will live in you longer?

I don’t mean to diss the wisdom,
Those who have seen life will always have things to say no end,
But is the lesson formed from your OWN journey or will you just judge yourself from someone else’s rules and lens?

Attachment styles, Childhood wounds, Love Languages and what not,
Are they making your relationships better, or have you become a dumping ground for information that you use to mindlessly label the lot?

Reading books and quotes about love, life and pain,
Have you been paying attention to your own story or what of you would you wish in this world to remain?

Create your own narrative,
You’re a human,
Not a thing, to be put in a category or a box.

It’s never just this or just that,
Life is never just white or just black.

Really think about it.
Or Not.


© 2022 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan. All Rights Reserved.


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