Not every wound is meant to fully heal,
Nor every question answered,
It is not closure, but wisdom I should seek,
After any pain encountered.

Not every mark must be removed,
Nor every scar released,
Healing doesn’t mean forgetting,
It means remembering,
Remembering every bit of it – every bitter sweet part of it,
And surrendering.

You shouldn’t want to just distract yourself,
Nor try to be over occupied,
To make yourself feel like none of it ever happened,
Because, happen, it did,
Question is- do you now, block it? or recognise?

Everything happened the way it should’ve,
You were meant to lose your way,
Even to have your heart broken,
Or to break someone else’s heart and sit in guilt,
And watch yourself being selfish.

On our body, we carry marks too,
Stretch lines we think we want erased,
They’re milestones reached for every inch we lost, in order to be fit,
They’re lines, from smiling too much, near the sides of our eyes,
Wrinkles left on our face from every emotion we felt and expressed,
They’re tiger like stripes we earned on our tummy that time, preparing to give birth to our beloved child.

Emotional or physical,
We shouldn’t want to get rid of those marks,
Nor the memories that still make us cry,
Where is the uniqueness of a lived human experience,
If we prefer to make all things cut and dry?

Those people, those events, those moments, those times,
Those smells, that song that brings us back to that familiar frame of mind,
They’re all imprinted on our soul,
It’s pointless to think otherwise,
It’s best we find a way to strengthen our spine, heart and mind,
Because we will always carry them until the end of time.


© 2022 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan. All Rights Reserved.

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