Aanchal Nithin Prakashan

I am a mother first and then everything else.

I would describe myself as….. Multipassionate, Omnicurious, a Ruminator and a Storyteller. By virtue of all of the above, I’m a writer who also freelances.

Why I write…. My curiosity drives my motivation to write, and my list of interests is endless. The subjects of my blog could be anything – music that tugged at my heart strings, a photograph that caught me in wonder, something I read that had an impact on me, something that made me smile, my perceptions of people and happenings around me, anything mundane or important. Writing helps me discover so many things which would’ve otherwise been hidden in the recesses of my own mind. Writing, for me, is cathartic.

Why I post blogs online instead of maintaining a private journal…. Writing and publishing something online becomes doubly fun for me when someone who I’ve never even met, connects with what I’ve written. I find it amazing how the commonality of the human condition connects us all.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. It is a collection of my experiences, thoughts and stories that I’ve gathered – all of which form my take on life, as it is, on the 3rd Rock 🌍 from the Sun.