Finding Love In Music

One of my favourite songs by Prateek Kuhad – ‘100 Words’. Magic happens at 2:22 – 2:34

Ever been in love?
Ever got that same magical feeling from music?

It’s like listening to that play of a piano, or that strumming of a guitar, 
But it feels like the music is tugging at something inside of you. 
Right in the feels.

It’s like rain on a faintly sunny day,
And petrichor.

It’s like a cool breeze on your face,
As you smile, close your eyes and open your arms, to really feel it.

It’s like staring out of the window, into open spaces,
Then nostalgia, bringing long lost memories back to the fore, like it was just yesterday.

It’s like being alone with your feelings, 
But under a night sky full of bright twinkling stars.

It’s like watching the waves crash loudly against the rocks,
And the calm it brings.

It’s like having something,
But aching for more.

It’s like words are intertwined so perfectly with melody,
That you can’t escape that heady feeling of being in love.

We give one of our senses to music, 
But for those fleeting moments, it takes over our entire being.

© 2020 Aanchal Nithin Prakashan All Rights Reserved.


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